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“CareCaller” is Zippy Zebra′s answer to serve the data collection needs of organisations providing an outbound calling service.

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Zippy Post Express

“Zippy Post Express” is a lightweight lowcost solution for postcode address matching, it is the perfect solution for any application requiring post code lookups on the web or otherwise.

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It has been designed with a completely new approach and is simple to integrate with your applications. Being web service enabled it is also an ideal plug-in for organisations using a Service Oriented Architecture. High Performance has been designed into the product so it is ideally suited to large volume usage with many hits. Demo Coming Soon.

Zippy RAD Pack

The Zippy RAD Pack is a complete suite of Templates, Standards and API's to kick start your Oracle APEX project.

Zippy RAD Pack

More details coming soon.

Product Goals


Our products are designed to be simple and easy to use for fast productivity gains.

Ease of Use

Useability by design, our products are designed to be easy and intuitive to use.


All our products are designed to solve the problem at hand with maximum effectiveness.


  • It has been easy for the volunteers to learn how to use; from the experienced computer user to the absolute beginner. In fact the volunteers have commented how much they like using the system.
    Sue Mckenna, Project Manager, North Staffs LinkLine
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Product Opportunities

We are always looking for opportunities to develop new products and have new partners to develop them with. If your organisation has any ideas for a new product where our technical expertise can help and you would like to partner with us, please contact us to discuss your concepts further.