Services Overview

Full Project Lifecycle

  • Analysis

    By working closely with you we will understand your requirements and ensure that we capture in detail the business processes that you are trying to support and improve. We will document these business requirements in detail broken down in a top down fashion and ensure that they are clearly prioritised and scoped so that they can be readily translated when entering the design phase.

  • Design

    Our solutions are designed to be cost effective, scaleable and flexible. We have vast experience of designing new systems both simple and very complex using the latest Oracle technologies and we specialise in desiging applications developed using APEX. We cover the entire design process including database design, user interface design and system integration and interfaces.

  • Development

    Regardless of size and complexity we have the technical skills to develop the right solution for you. We have years of experience in developing sophisticated systems that are intuitive to use, scaleable, flexible and robust. Using our extensive experience we will create cost effective solutions that are easy to maintain and ensure that they meet all your requirements.

  • Testing

    Through the entire set of development and post development phases we can co-ordinate and carry out rigorous and thorough application testing. We cover unit testing, system testing, integration testing, performance testing right the way through to user acceptance testing and final sign off. We will ensure that the agreed requirements and design are fully met.

Further Services

Project Management
Regardless of project size we can provide the project management skills from our in house team to ensure that your projects run smoothly from inception through to production delivery and support. Our Project Managers have both the skills and experience together with a proven track record of delivering projects for large blue chip organisations on time and to budget.

Assistive Technologies
We have extensive experience of designing and developing APEX applications that work with assistive technolgies (AT) such as screen readers e.g. JAWS and voice recognition systems such as Dragon to ensure excellent useability for all users. We have developed various techniques and methods that provide real benefits in this area and have received excellent feedback from our customers.

Due to our extensive experience of Oracle development we are experts in developing APEX applications that are integrated with your existing Oracle and Non-oracle investments. From developing new APEX front ends on top of your existing Oracle databases to building complete new systems with integration points to your existing systems.

Application Security
Security for APEX applications is often a very misunderstood area. We can ensure that your APEX applications will pass the toughest penetration testing, by leveraging our wide experience of developing secure APEX applications (gained within the Banking sector) we can advise on best practice methods in using APEX and its features as well as advising on how configuration of the Application Server must be undertaken to ensure that there are no loopholes.

Legacy Systems
Many organisations are looking to migrate or re-develop legacy Oracle based systems to lightweight HTML web applications e.g. Oracle Forms, even migrating Microsoft Access databases and applications to Oracle and APEX. We can help you assess what will be involved in doing such migrations and do the custom development required to make this happen.

Oracle E-Business Suite
We can develop custom APEX solutions that are fully integrated with Oracle Applications, including the Oracle responsibilities security model, that allow extensions and customisations without breaching any support agreements. Oracle Forms or Java are no longer the only choices.

Corporate APEX Themes
One of the most time consuming and complex areas of any APEX project is to get the look and feel of applications to blend in with either your intranet or extranet websites seamlessly. We can develop custom themes that will allow your APEX applications to simply fit in with your existing corporate look and feel and allow your developers to focus on the application functionality.

We want to develop partnerships with long-term plans and objectives. Achieving this level of support for systems’ we build is of paramount importance to us. Through long term support we endeavour to build a strong relationship with our clients built on trust and understanding.

Services List

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Project Management
  • Assistive Technologies
  • Integration
  • Application Security
  • Legacy Systems
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Corporate APEX Themes
  • Support
  • Prototyping


A popular service we provide is to use APEX to build initial prototypes to explore concepts and demonstrate ideas for potential solutions. This is a very powerful method of working with our customers and has proved invaluable in identifying and refining requirements in an interactive and visual way.

Extending this idea we also conduct full projects using Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Joint Application Development (JAD) employing iterative prototying with APEX. Our customers really like this approach because they can see tangible results early as their solutions evolve from very early stage prototypes to fully functional systems.

  • Initial Prototypes
  • User Interface Prototypes
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Iterative Prototyping
  • Proof of Concept
  • Joint Application Development (JAD)

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you using this approach, it could be a small initial prototype to prove core concepts to a full project using RAD/JAD and iterative prototyping.

Quality Service

With all the services that we provide Quality comes as standard, we work very hard to meet our own very high standards and will always make sure we meet yours too.

In terms of quality all the services we provide are second to none and this is backed up by feedback from our customers.